fifty sketchbook superheroes: number nineteen

King Sheild! The superhero who doesn’t know how to spell!  This was a late night drawing, and yes, the misspelled title is the original one.  I debated for a while after I made the scan, and decided I “ought” to correct it.  Then I changed my mind.  Then I changed it back, and by then I was so  confused that I left both versions in the file and you can make your own decision.  (Besides, I wanted to show off my impressive abilities in using cut and paste, the selection tool, and a white digital paintbrush to correct hand lettering.  I have the mad image manipulation skillz of the average fifth grader, which is actually pretty good.)

And that leads into my theory that King Sheild is a kid him or her self, or at least that’s what the character’s bodily proportions suggest.  The suit is a body encompassing “living suit” with a pretty heavy duty set of powers, almost certainly an alien survival suit the King found in a crashed spaceship.  I know it is highly damage resistant, adds superior strength and enables its wearer to climb walls and breath underwater.  The King may be small and bad at spelling, but he or she is a hero to be reckoned with on the local scene.

The crown is almost certainly a prop from the local amateur theater, added to the suit as a further disguise, and probably also because the King is a big fan of Futurama.

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