minicomics live at space online! this weekend!

It’s been a long time since the last Minicomics Live, but I’ve been inspired to try it again as part of SPACE On-Line this weekend.  Yes, the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, one of our very favorite cons, has moved online in these difficult times.  There’s a market, a full slate of programming, and lots of fun side activities.  Click on the link above to find the whole shebang.

Among those fun activities will be me, making an 8 page minicomic live on the internet.  Updates will be posted here, of course, as well is on the official Pam Bliss Facebook page and the SPACE Facebook group.

For the uninitiated, Minicomics Live is a chance for you to watch me make minicomic from scratch, from script to finished pages, over a limited time.  Since this is a two day show, I am limiting myself to an eight page, single sheet mini.  And since this is SPACE, I am giving myself a space theme.  I will be choosing the seed of my script by the “pointing at random words in a late 70’s era Webster’s New World Dictionary I won as a prize in high school” method, sometime on Saturday morning.  And then the fun will begin.

I am not promising any Giant Alien Worms, but at this point anything is possible.

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