rival vehicles sighted!

On a recent trip to Chicago, I was able to photograph two bitter rivals facing off, nose to nose in a hotel parking lot.


Or at least, that’s what it it looked like.  Perhaps, despite appearances, the new Planter’s Nutmobile and the longtime classic Oscar Mayer Weinermobile are really the best of friends.

Weinermobile fun fact: I have actually spotted the Weinermobile four or five times now, although this is the first time I’ve collected a photograph of a sighting.  I would be prouder of this if I hadn’t just learned from the Weinermobile website (see below), that there are actually six of them crisscrossing the country at any one time.  The Weinermobile still cheers you up every time you see it, and now you have the heavily textured and equally charming Nutmobile to watch for as well.

Links?  Of course there are links.  Like all self respecting object-shaped advertising vehicles, the  Nutmobile and the Weinermobile have their own websites.

(And shouldn’t this have been part of the recent Car Week series?  Probably.  Don’t try to put my blog in a box, man!  Nobody puts the blog in a box.)


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